Things I Love and Other Stuff

This is just some stuff I was thinking about last night, plus some other stuff from today.

  • I love watching the Kennedy Center Honors. JT taped them for me this year so I wouldn’t miss them and I watched them last night. It’s fun to sit and watch the honorees be honored via biography and musical tributes.
  • Golden Globes. I love the Golden Globes because all the actors/actresses and the like will just say whatever they want and it will definitely crack you up. Well at least I hope so. Remember the Sascha Baron Cohen speech?
  • David Letterman’s segment Great Moments in Presidential Speeches. They CRACK me up. How can someone become the president and not have the ability to speak in front of a crowd, at least he can dodge a shoe. He’s got that going for him. There are so many on YouTube, here’s a link to check them out.
  • Reading about the mob here in St. Louis or anywhere else in the USA. Very interesting.

I started another blog. It’s a simple one really, I will just be posting a picture everyday, all 365 of them. It’s called My Coolpix and you can find it here. Check it out and let me know what you think. I got the idea from my new book club friend Kasey. She also has a picture blog. I have added mine and hers on my sidear. Stop by and check hers out too.

Today we were going to have an awesome family day, we were going to the Arch, lunch and then Build-A-Bear but the bank decided to hold my recent deposit because apparently they can do that. So instead we just went to the mall had lunch in the food court and built some stuff at the Build A Bear there. The kids received $40 in gift cards for Christmas plus I had a $10 coupon because I belong to the Stuff it club. Then I found another gift card that had a balance of $2.20. So L got a small doll and an outfit plus some other tiny thing, J got Hal the Moose, but he named it Murray and an outfit. We got all of that for only .51 cents. Talk about a deal.

Watching the news tonight I saw that a local 14 year old boy took his mom’s key to her car and went joy riding with some other boys this morning around 2 am. He flipped the car and killed himself and one of the other passengers. There were 6 total in the car. So sad, they were good boys that made a bad decision. I should print the story out and file it away so that when my children are of that age they will maybe be a little more careful. Or I could just tell them how a car accident killed their uncle. Maybe that will be enough to teach them that a car is not a toy, it’s a responsibility.

Then I read online that John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s son Jett died either yesterday or today of a seizure. He apparently suffered from them. That’s so sad too. Is there any good news out there today? Wow everything makes you want to hide your children away and never let them out of the house.

Sigh… I am off to find some good news.


One thought on “Things I Love and Other Stuff

  1. Di says:

    Not to add to your yucky news…..but I had a ‘step-nephew’ – 6, very rowdy with a heart of gold…large for his age, took his moms keys & ran my dad spare car into her apt building. Air bag snapped his neck, 2 yrs ago back in Nov. Harold Ray Fainter, in Chillicothe MO. (my stepmoms girl, Audrey, her son) We are still numb. He was so loving….but trouble always followed him. Our big kids in our ‘herd’ know & understand (but still get the reminders!) & our 2yr old touches NO keys in our house – nor plays in the front seats of any cars. Strict, over protective perhaps….but peace of mind…of sorts I guess. Never too young to listen….whether they hear your words is another subject! Squeeze your babies tight everyone, you just never know what 2moro holds! Our thoughts are with that family.

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