My Thoughts on Resolutions

Why would I want to make a “resolution”? I never keep them. In the past I have made resolutions to keep my house clean, be more patient, stay organized, get in shape, eat better, stop procrastinating, make new friends, become a better morning person, stop smoking, become more financially responsible and scrapbook more often.

Okay so a few of those I have accomplished (made some new friends, stopped smoking, etc.) – probably not the same year I made them mind you. But I am still out of shape, I still don’t like to clean my house, I scrapook as often as I can, I will never be a morning person, I am an impatient person and I will never eat better, I enjoy sweets and unless I become diabetic that won’t change. So I won’t be making any resolutions this year. If I had made one it would be to lose a little weight but this year I have decided to accept the fact that I’ve gained a little weight since high school and now have the familiar Haas *ss (I’ve had two kids dangit) but it’s who I am and I am going to accept myself and all my faults this year. I am happy with the life I lead and someday I will become financially responsible. Now I gotta go, I have some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket :).


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