Other Christmas Celebrations

So on the Friday after Christmas we always celebrate with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, our niece, our nephew and JT’s mom. My brother-in-law is the best cook. He made my favorite, Korean pork steaks (yum, I can’t even talk about them without drooling). I actually told JT today that his brother could come over anytime and make those for me 🙂

Even talking about pork steaks, here are the pictures:

J received Pluto (he’s an expensive Planet Hero) for Christmas from my mother-in-law and he was so excited. He had been telling her earlier that evening about how that was the only one he didn’t have.


He was so excited he decided to attack me with a hug. I got this shot as he was running towards me.


I didn’t get a whole lot of L opening her presents, her back was to me) but here is one of her and my niece opening her dolls and clothes from Build A Bear’s sister company Friend 2B Made.


Then on Sunday my mom had my cousin and her husband over. He missed Christmas because he was driving here from Washington through all of that snow and crud. He finally made it on Friday night at 9:00. So they came over and we sat around and talked and played our Wii.

Here are the MEN enjoying some cigars and kids playing with their remote control car.


There – I am finally done. Christmas has been recorded (if only it was that easy to scrapbook). Now I am back to organizing and tearing apart the kids toy room/our office. Pictures to come.


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