Faces of Christmas Eve

I’m back but not really in the mood to post a whole bunch of stories yet (we had a musical, techie christmas) so I have decided to just post my favorite pictures from each of our four day celebrations. It’s easy to type a sentence about each picture!

L opening her Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve before my dads, notice her hair in curlers, cracks me up.


Here’s J opening his drum set from Papa and Nana. He was so excited he was beating on the box.


Here’s L with her new Fancy Nancy Doll, she goes everywhere with us now.


My dad with his golf balls the kids painted. Best present ever BTW if you dad likes to golf, have your kids paint from golf balls so he can see them on the course. Maybe I’ll do a post about that closer to Father’s Day.


The kids dressed and ready to head out to my uncle’s house.


N8 and C putting out the luminaries at my dad’s house, something his whole neighborhood does.


At my uncle’s house the kids posed with N8 and C


My dad’s Christmas present this year… a camaflouge hat with ear flaps ??? Everyone was laughing so hard J decided to get in on the action.


Finally we got home at 10:00 pm and set the cookies and carrots out for Santa and hung our checklists that Santa sent us on our doors and fell asleep fast.


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