Excited about Christmas Eve

So excited about tonight. I love Christmas Eve. I remember being a kid and sitting at my aunt or uncles and waiting for dinner, presents and going home to sleep. The excitement you would feel thinking about Santa coming that night and now it’s L and J’s turn. JT and I have our own little tradition. We come home, put the kids in bed, pour a glass of wine and open one gift from each other. Then we sit and talk with nothing but the christmas tree lights on and christmas music softly playing.

My little girl is so giving right now she keeps drawing pictures and placing them under the tree for her family and friends. My dad and his wife are getting an empty box that she has colored for Nana’s kitty. “So the kitty can stay warm and have a house.” Then my dad is getting a piece of cardboard that she has colored for him to use as a tray. “He can carry his drinks and food on it.” Part of me doesn’t want to drag this stuff all over the place but I don’t want to hurt her feelings so I will haul these pictures and boxes and pieces of cardboard (don’t worry Nana and Papa have been warned) so that she can feel like she is contributing and I think it’s more important that she is worried about giving rather than receiving. Oh and I have had the talk with my kids on how we act after we receive a present (we say thank you and don’t ask for more). We’ll see if it works, they say if you prepare your kids ahead of time and continue to talk about what you expect of them before the event you have a better chance of getting the behavior you want, but then again J will be¬†functioning with no nap. We’ll see.

From our family to yours we hope you have a fantastic Christmas or any other holiday you might be celebrating tonight and tomorrow.


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