Christmas lights, 2 Movies, A Picture and Old Navy

What do these things have in common?? They were all part of our weekend. Christmas lights in Belleville were disappointing, at least it was free. JT and I had a date night on Saturday. We went and saw Four Christmases and really liked it. We laughed our butts off but we find Vince Vaughn funny. My mom and I took the kids to get pictures taken of them in their fancy Christmas clothes and then visited Old Navy today which was so crowded it made me crabby just pulling into the parking lot. I HATE CROWDS. Then tonight we watched (well I watched JT fell asleep) Mamma Mia. It was pretty good. I haven’t seen the musical so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I enjoyed it.

So there you have it a very busy and fun weekend. 4 days till Christmas. Thankfully everything is under control and we are ready, well as ready as you can ever be. I have a headache and I am tired so I am off to bed. I will tell you more about our date night later.


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