A Full Friday

Today was L’s Christmas party at her school. Everything went fine, except for a few unruly kids who were hyped up on Christmas cheer it was fine. Short and fast because of early dismissal today but that’s just fine with me. The teachers loved their gifts from us and raved about them. When they asked if I made them I told them no that my cousin had and they said what everyone says “you have such a crafty family”. Why yes, yes we do.

After the party I took L with me to my scrapbook store to pick up more angel wings. Since I can’t really afford to buy everyone presents I’ve decided to buy more angel wings and make more pins. They were such a huge hit at school I decided my family might like them too. So luckily the store had one more set (4), I asked the lady if they had anymore but alas they didn’t. She informed me I could buy a sheet of the clear acrylic and make my own (wow that’s really making my own) but you needed a special pair of scissors. The cost was starting to add up but it was still going to be cheaper than having to go out and buy gifts for all these people so I bit it and bought all that stuff. When I opened my wallet to pay I found one of the stores key chains (it’s a program they run for every $5, $10 you spend they punch the key chain) and it was full which means I would get $15 off my purchase YEAH!!!!! So for all that I spent $4.60. That’s it!!! I was thrilled I couldn’t wait to tell JT, he was thrilled too because I had walked out of For Keeps Sake only spending $4.60. It’s definitely a record people.

So today I spent the afternoon making 9 more angel pins. I really personalized them with inspirational words. I am pretty excited to hand them out, I won’t say to who, wandering eyes!!! Now I have to:

  • sew a gift
  • make a gift
  • buy a gift card
  • buy some cards
  • WRAP!!!

Can you believe that Christmas is only 6 days away. I love being with my family at Christmas. Christmas eve is always so magical, my dad is always in full spirit in his Santa hat and walking around singing Christmas carols. I remember as a kid he would start the carols as my mom and I would get dressed. Love it. We always visit my dad’s family on Christmas eve, we hardly ever see them except on the rare occasion for weddings or funerals but my dad and his brother and sister are hilarious when together and it’s always nice to see my cousins and grandparents (whom I am not close with so I only see them once in a while). Christmas day will be with my mom and her family which is always fun. I see my mom’s family A LOT. I am close with all of my cousins and we see each other usually a couple times a month so we always have a blast when we get together plus I have big surprises for some of them. Can you tell I am starting to get excited? Now I can’t wait. What’s your favorite tradition? You can share if you want.

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