I can’t wait to show you…

I have so much to show you and not a single thing right now. I have three calendars and one surprise project I have been working on and too many eyes wander this here blog so not a single thing can I share. Maybe after Christmas but then it’s not any fun. Oh well. Soon I will share.

The pins I made for the teachers went over HUGE!!! They loved them so much L’s teacher was wearing hers today for school. That makes me smile ear to ear. I should totally make those and sell them, they were so easy to make and not that expensive. Today I also gave J’s teachers their gifts which were a birthday calendar and thank you notes, nope I didn’t make them, a nice Stampin Up consultant made them. I found them at my cousin O’s craft show. Here’s a picture of those:



So those were for J’s teacher and then on Friday is L’s party at school and her teachers will be getting some things that my cousin O made, again not something I made.



That takes care of teacher’s gifts but here is what I made for L’s part on Friday. I am in charge of decorations. I am not done yet because I still have to make chocolate suckers. Plus these aren’t my greatest achievement but I don’t have much I can show you so here they are:


Sorry about the way the picture looks. I was being lazy in blocking out all the personal info on my bulletin board 🙂


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