Hobby Hump Day – My Christmas Cards

So every year I make my own Christmas cards. It’s a painful process but I sort of enjoy it. I can only make so many so this is for all of those friends I was unable to send one to this year.

I started off with a premade red card this year (saves a lot of money because they come with envelopes); I then took a picture on one of my shelves of a bunch of Santas and different things that represented our year past. I framed that on photo paper and printed it off and smacked it on the front.


On the back of the card I printed out information and all the things you could hunt for in the card – like an I Spy book. I have really gone through and edited all of the personal information but you get the idea. (Check out the shameless plug for my blog – oh yeah!)


On the inside of the card I did what I do every year take a christmas carol and make it into a poem about our year. This year I chose Deck the Halls, I think it turned out well (sorry the one picture is blurry).



There you have it… our christmas card this year. If you didn’t receive one, we wish you a happy holiday… virtually!!!

Check out more Hobby Hump Day at 3inunder3.

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One thought on “Hobby Hump Day – My Christmas Cards

  1. Marie Rausch says:

    That’s a great card! I love the poem inside!

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