Look-At-Me Camera by Parents

I love doing reviews for Team Mom. There’s always a fun surprise in the mail or via UPS and it’s always something for my kids. That’s awesome, something new for them to play with and try out for me but it’s usually stuff for L so J gets left out a lot. But not when this next item came. He was napping when it arrived so I let L open the box. He was ecstatic when he woke up to find his very own camera (L received one as a gift on her birthday). He was so happy he hasn’t stopped snapping pictures since it arrived.

look-at-me-cameraThe Look-At-Me Camera is for ages 12 months and up and is made by one of my favorite toy companies, Parents magazine. At Parents they have a philosophy “When a toy does less, the child does more.” I would say that’s a good philosophy for a toy company to have. I love to watch my kids play with their imaginations rather than a toy that does everything for them. This camera does exactly that, the camera has several cool features like: a big fish-eye mirrored lens on the front of the camera that is so much fun for the person being photographed to look into (he takes a lot of pictures of himself), the lense also moves around to pretend to be able to shoot in different modes, a purple button on the back once pressed plays disco type music so that your subject feels more like a “model” ie: L, a green button on the front which acts as the shutter button with realistic shutter noises and lights up the flash, a red button with several phrases like “Say Cheese”, “Looking Good”, “Smile”, “Great Job”, “Fabulous”, “Give Me A Funny Face”, “Hold That Pose”, “Get Ready” and “Are You Ready”. There is also a purple rubber strap for well I guess holding, all of this wrapped up neatly into an orange camera frame that’s extremely durable. The noises the camera does make aren’t loud and obtrusive like some toys I tend to actually be able to tune this one out, meaning the shutter noise, music and voice.

Can you tell I like this product?! I’m just a huge fan of Parents which by the way is exclusively sold at Target (gee another favorite place) for $15. When I visited Target’s website to find info on the camera I noticed that it says it’s only available in stores and that it’s selling for $9.99 right now. AWESOME!!! This isn’t just a toy for babies so you shouldn’t let the age scare you off. L loves playing with it as much as J. I think it’s great to have a toy like this that they can pretend to be like mom.

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