As you may have read earlier last week I have a HUGE addiction to coffee and I am up to 6+ cups of coffee a day. While I really enjoy my coffee I have found that it is making me dizzy, after researching on line reasons for vertigo or just plain dizziness they list coffee as a #1 reason. Since I drink so much a day this only makes sense. So I am going to try and cut it down to half of my daily dose. They say not to go cold turkey, besides I still love it and want to drink it especially since I discovered Cinnamon Bun creamer. YUM!!! We’ll see how I do. Better to drink coffee in my opinion than to sit and eat during the day. But I have to literally weigh my options: gain weight be dizzy. Hmmmm. Choices choices.


2 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. wherelifebecomesart says:

    I have meniers disease (which for me means hearing loss, but for most it means dizziness), and besides salt, caffeine is the number two trigger for it. It has something to do with water retention in the inner ear making a person dizzy. So not saying you have Meniers obviously, but maybe it’s just the caffeine. You could try decaf maybe?

  2. Mutha Mae says:

    How much water are you drinking? You have to drink extra water with all that caffeine. IFor every cup I down two glasses of water. Kinda sucks but it keeps me from getting dehydrated. We now have a Keurig and are in love. Cinnamon bun creamer, yum!!

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