Just another week

An exciting week lays ahead. We aren’t extremely busy, we just have a couple fun things on the calendar. Like… my cousin Em is coming into town this week. Yeah!!! If you remember from this post she is one of my favorite people and I cannot wait to see her, she’s going to be here for a while too. I am room mom tomorrow in L’s classroom, if the weather isn’t too bad and school’s not cancelled. We are planning to go see Christmas lights this week at Our Lady of the Snows, we really prefer Tilles Park but it’s $17 a car- yikes that’s alot of money and the shrine is free (to just drive through). Wednesday J will take his teacher gifts to school and Friday is the big school party day. I of course signed up for every single party. Problem is J will have to go with me on Friday and L’s teacher isn’t always a fan of that. I am in charge of decorations so hopefully I will have those done before the big day and won’t be up until 1:00 am working on them Thursday night. So it’s not a whole lot but it’s just enough to keep us going.


2 thoughts on “Just another week

  1. Carrie says:

    Hey there! We received your Christmas card the yesterday – adorable! I loved the pic of L & J, too – we put it on our fridge 🙂 One day I’ll be good enough to send out Christmas cards – maybe next year, eh?

  2. wherelifebecomesart says:

    Our Lady of the Snow has camel rides too! And there is also Santa’s Magical kingdom in Eureka. It’s $17 too, but if you sign up online, there is a $2 coupon.

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