L’s Christmas Program

L’s Christmas program was today, she wore the dress my mom made for her and she was GORGEOUS!!! I don’t really have a spectacular picture from today, in fact I don’t have any good pictures from today. I am so upset, hopefully one of the other moms will have some they can share. I’m going to take L one day soon and get her picture taken in her dress which is completely amazing. My mom curled her hair and L was on cloud nine all day. She told me she felt like a princess. Everyone commented on her dress or as we walked by were heard whispering about how cute she looked. I have to say with all honesty she was the belle of the ball (I am biased, slightly). Here are the pictures I do have:


My brother, his girlfriend C, my mom, JT, J and I were all present to watch my beautiful girl sing on stage. We took video but that didn’t turn out good either. The stabilization wasn’t on so it’s really shaky. So I don’t have pictures or video of her singing. Nice!!! There’s always next year.


Here’s how curly her hair turned out. Love it!!! Wish I had the time to do this more often.

dscn8725  dscn87271


One thought on “L’s Christmas Program

  1. Di says:

    She is beautiful! A future heartbreaker you have there! JT better get ready for background checks! Lol

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