Santa – twice in one night

Tonight was the Christmas party/recital for L’s dance school. Mind you L did not dance so it was just going to see the older girls dance. L was in heaven. She loved it. She watched intently and was all smiles and would clap with the best of them. There was super yummy food and then Santa made an appearance. Before I knew J was out of his seat (he was so good during the performances – he didn’t move an inch) and ran to Santa. He held out his hand in order to shake Santas hand (my little man) and then gave him a huge hug. I of course missed this taking place I was dealing with L drama. She was intimidated by Santa and I was trying to convince her to so up to him, in the process I missed all of the cuteness for a little bit of drama… it happens.

We did talk L into standing in line… FINALLY. So here are there pictures:



Afterwards we drove behind the church/school – wait I forgot to mention it’s where I went to school, grade school that is and I didn’t recognize a single thing while we were there it’s changed so much but my mom knew the hallways. I thought for sure if I kept walking around I would recognize something but alas nope!


Anyway back to my story. We drove behind the school and there is a popular house back there. They decorate their house like there is no tomorrow. It really is cool. It’s in Webster for those of you that live in STL, you may know which one I am talking about. Maybe?!

We then drove closer to home and stopped on Nottingham. It so wonderful. The first block of Nottingham (behind Ted Drewes) is completely decked out. Every house decorates, the trees look like candy canes, they have things draped along the street, they have a guy dressed in lights, a large TV screen playing Christmas movies (tonight was Christmas vacation) and of course Santa. The kids got out of their seats to enjoy the scenery (there are so many cars you only go 5 mph, if even) and to see Santa. It really is awesome. JT and I want to live on that street, not only because of the decorating but because of the community. They were all outside with a fire and watching the movie, waving at all the cars and saying Merry Christmas to everyone. A winter wonderland. Here are some pics:



Here are pictures of Santa and the guy with lights



Last but not least a really bad picture of the lights but you get the idea.


I can feel it starting to creep in, the Christmas spirit is coming my way, slowly but surely.


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