Hobby Hump Day

This year for Christmas I had the grand idea to handmake everything I possibly could. Well these were easy. I made these for the teachers:

Angel pins (I got the idea from Lifetime Moments newsletter):


There are four teachers in all… 2 for J and 2 for L. Here are close ups (you can click to make larger).

dscn8197   dscn8201

dscn8203   dscn8204

I ordered the plastic angel wings, teardrops and pearls at Lifetime Moments and then used some Christmas paper I already had in my stock of paper (there’s alot in my stock). I used Making Memories letter stickers and used hot glue to assemble the entire thing. Then I hot glued the pin back to the back and VOILA – angel pins!

I am very excited about these. I really hope they like them.

Check out more Hobby Hump Day at 3inunder3.

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One thought on “Hobby Hump Day

  1. […] pins I made for the teachers went over HUGE!!! They loved them so much L’s teacher was wearing […]

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