Gift Giving

Giving gifts to people that you only see once a year can be extremely difficult. Or how about the person on your list who has everything and can afford to go an buy themselves anything they want…. I have a couple of those people on my list this year.

Well never fear. Mom Central has created a Holiday Gift Giving Guide. Here is a button that will take you directly there but never fear I have also placed one in my sidebar.


If you are like me I love it when people or websites give you ideas on what someone might like. They have done a great job listing gifts for different categories. For instance they have categories (that look like packages) for: Her, Him, Baby/Toddler, Teens, Kids, Tweens and Pets. Inside each category they have broken it down even more by price. There are three pricing categories, they are: Under $50, Under $100 and Over $100. In the Babies/Toddlers section they have several interesting gifts like clothes, items to make moms life a little easier and even toys (in fact two of the toys J is getting for Christmas are on the list, yeah me). Let us not forget the most important category/package that says Giveaway. To be eligible to enter the giveaways you need to register with Mom Central, log-in and leave a comment. You can earn an extra entry for twittering about the giveaway of e-mailing your friends. Just leave another comment that says you have done so.  There are some really awesome giveaways so check back everyday. Today’s giveaway is for Little Book Lovers. Register and check it out, you could potentially win 6 books, a chair, a lamp, some bookends, a DVD and a t-shirt. Yeah that’s a huge giveaway.

Gotta love Mom Central – well I do!!!!

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