It isn’t here yet!!

I am a little down today. I am reading post after post of everyone getting the holiday spirit but it isn’t in me yet. It hasn’t hit… that excitement and butterflies in your tummy that the holidays are approaching. I am finishing up my holiday projects/gifts today (hopefully) and listening to Christmas music at the same time and that’s not even helping. Maybe a holiday movie will help. What prompted you to have the feeling of happiness that the holidays brings this year? Is it music? Decorations? Movies? Your kids (mine just seem to be fighting a lot more)? It’s a little sad because I am always the one to get the spirit going and this year it’s just blah.

In the spirit of cheering myself up how about a poll. Since WordPress added this feature I have always wanted to try it:


2 thoughts on “It isn’t here yet!!

  1. Mary Jo says:

    I had to put other because lately it’s been the Polar Express. That and hearing the song Believe from the soundtrack are what actually gave me a little christmas spirit this year.
    Because like you, it has not been happening for some reason :0p
    Maybe closer to the big day when all the “have to do” stuff is done!

  2. wherelifebecomesart says:

    My kids like Polar Express best.
    For me ELF gets me in the christmas spirit.

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