Starting new traditions

On Sunday we went to St. Charles for their Christmas celebration and parade plus some shopping. We were joined by my mom, N8 and his girlfriend C. We took a stroller for each kid plus some blankets and their warm “gear”. They were still cold. Poor little guys but we still had fun and made the most of it. Here are some pics from our wonderful day:

We ate at Lewis & Clarks for lunch before shopping. L HAD to sit by C. She’s slightly enamored with C (that’s an understatment).


Here are my two men


Here are the kids getting ready for the parade – they look cold don’t they?


Some pics of the parade. L really got into collecting all of the cards of the different Santas. That’s my mom with them.



It just got colder (or at least it felt that way) as the afternoon went on, no matter how much shopping we did. Poor J was so cold JT had to take him to the car and wait for us until we were done (only about 10 minutes) but little J’s hand were bright red. He was fine by the time we got home but next time we go I will make sure I take some of those warmer pads that you can put in your gloves and put them all around them in the stroller. L did fine because she would get up and walk a little.

J has on two blankets, his coat, mittens, a hat, a hood on his coat and my scarf. Still cold.


L was doing a little better with a coat, mittens, one blanet, her hat, a hood from her coat and my scarf (this all after J had gone to the car).


Like I said despite the cold it was a very lovely day. I came home with some new Christmas decorations and some accessories for my village. I always love going to St. Charles.

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2 thoughts on “Starting new traditions

  1. You are BRAVE! But hey, cute pics!

  2. wherelifebecomesart says:

    Alyce (from high school) does this every year with her family. I got to tag along one year and it was awesome. They do it at night though. Glad your going to make it a tradition!

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