Things I Love Thursday – Seeing Christmas Magic in my kids

things-i-love-thursday    This time of year there are so many things I could tell you that I love but the one thing that makes my heart melt lately is seeing my kids reacting to Christmas. L loves to circle gifts for our family in her catalogs. It’s no longer I want this or this or that, now it’s been replaced with “I can get GeGe that, it’s purple she will love that” or “Won’t that make Pop-Pop smile” but by far my favorite is “Daddy would look so nice in this”.

J has taken to singing Christmas carols, his favorite is Jingle Bells. The reason this is his favorite: one of those Hallmark snowmen singing dealies. Each of the kids have one in their rooms and J listens to his all day long. He even barks when the dog barks and shakes when the jingle bells shake. It’s extremly entertaining. Oh and I just happen to have a sneak video of that exact thing, towards the end he busted me and then he wouldn’t sing anymore 🙂 check it out:

JT put up the train under the tree this year and J was so excited he could barely stand it. My dad gave it to us last year and the best part is it’s one from my childhood. He always used to wake us up when we were little with the train whistle. He looked so hard for a train with a whistle last year for our set but they were all a little out of budget or they just didn’t have one. But for my kids to now have a train under their tree is pretty cool.

The excitement grows every day with the opening of another door on the advent calendar. This year I am trying to calm down and just live in the moment instead of running around STL looking for a certain gift, maybe then the magic will rub off on my kids more instead of making them crazy too. I promise by the end of the weekend I will have calm in my life again (well at least a couple of hours).

I am off to finish my Christmas cards does anyone know what rhymes with memories??????

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2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday – Seeing Christmas Magic in my kids

  1. I LOVE Christmas through their eyes. Truly don’t remember how I did Christmas before them 🙂

  2. Marie Rausch says:

    He has your smile! Very Cute

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