Clorox 2 Coupon Winners

Exciting isn’t it… can barely stand the suspense. Did I mention that I forgot to tell you how long you had to comment well I intended to draw the names today and I did, randomly. Since there were 8 comments I used the traditional pull a name out of a hat – well the kids pulled the names out of hat. Here are the winners:

Mary Jo


Marie – a loyal reader 😉

Congratulations – I will be e-mailing you to find out your addresses and will mail your coupons to you this weekend. I hope that you like the Clorox 2. Sorry for not telling you earlier that I was drawing names today. To those that didn’t win I hope you will return and enter in other drawings I might have.


2 thoughts on “Clorox 2 Coupon Winners

  1. Laressa says:

    Sorry for commenting with my question under “Who Am I?” I missed this post as I had the other page up already.

  2. Mr. Coupons says:

    I’m too late…oh nice blog!

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