Thanksgiving Part Three

Man I really need to wrap up our Thanksgiving. If I don’t I won’t remember anything.

On Thanksgiving we went to my aunt and uncle’s house. She is a fabulous cook and her house is always decorated beautifully. My uncle is a hoot, always entertaining the kids and so funny. We were also joined by my cousin Kate, my brother and my grandmother. Here are some pictures from our evening:




My uncle, the practical jokster, pulled out some Billy Bob teeth and chased the kids around.


Then he pulled out this disgusting contraption that one of his daughters gave him, it still leaves me shuddering 🙂


It’s an orange nose that when you squeeze part of it it oozes snot like liquid. My kids ran around completely terrified and the rest of us completely grossed out. You gotta love him.


One thought on “Thanksgiving Part Three

  1. midwestmommy says:

    The set table looks so nice and those teeth so funny!

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