Thank you Mr. or Mrs. Ameren UE Tech

This morning I was rudely awakened by the power shutting off. My fan stopped, it became eerily quiet and dark. JT and I both at the exact same time shot up in bed with deep sighs. JT got out of bed to see how wide spread the darkness was and he couldn’t see light to the north or south, I would say that it was pretty wide spread. When he came back to bed we just laid there counting the minutes till we heard L. She also sleeps with a fan and a light on in her room so we knew that she would be awake any minute. Sure enough 15 minutes and she was at our door crying. JT stumbled around trying to find her (it was that dark people). We were three very unhappy people sleeping in a dark, noisy (helicopters, fire trucks and police cars plus our two stupid dogs) and a cramped bed. Luckily the bright spot of the whole power outage… J slept the entire time, not waking up til 6:45 this morning.

When J woke up JT got out of bed and explained to him that the lights weren’t working. J proceeded to sob. No waffles, no Imagination Movers and no light on in his room for him to be able to play. JT put him in bed with me so I could calm him down. I now had two children sleeping on top of me, it was pleasant. I didn’t mind, it had gotten really cold in the house and the extra heat they were putting off was an added bonus. J immediately crawled out of bed when JT got out of the shower and wanted further explanation of the dire situation, J woke L up so he explained everything to her that he had heard from his Daddy. In his words exactly: “L you DV, my DV, dis DV and dis DV no work.” Then he proceeds to walk around and show her how the light switches don’t work, it took awhile “Dis one not work (he trys it), Oh man!”, “Dis one not work eder (he trys it), Oh man!” After every failed attempt he followed it with an “Oh man!” The last switch which happened to be in the hallway where I could see them. He flips the switch and with that the lights come on. It scared J but both kids quickly started cheering along with JT and I. I was very happy to get out of bed the feeling of our heat turning back on but not only that the hot water heater heating the water back up. You’re nuts if you think I was getting in a cold shower, I would rather stink all day.

When we turned on the news I couldn’t believe that there were 53,000 people without power today. Mostly in the South City area (where we are), Shrewsbury and Webster Groves. Lord that is a lot of people. There was a fire in the Shrewsbury sub station. Our power came back on at 7:30 am and I would love to thank the Ameren UE technicians for turning the power back on just in time for us to keep on our morning schedule.

The night before L had woken up at 4:30 am puking and then last night she didn’t sleep well (nor did we for that matter) so tonight JT and I are ever so hopeful that we will get a full night’s sleep. KNOCK ON WOOD!!!

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