Hobby Hump Day – Our Advent Calendar

Before the kids were born JT and I purchased an advent calendar for our future. I purchased this calendar/box from Restoration Hardware (ours is red and this one is from Target but it looks almost identical to this one):


Little did I know we would have this calendar for several years, I had hoped but who knew. Well I pulled it out this year and thought it just looked a little bland so I set to work with my scrapbooking supplies. Look at how it turned out. I couldn’t be more proud of my work.


Here are some close ups of the doors:



I also created an advent calendar for one of J’s teachers and one for a hostess gift for my aunt (so no pictures of that one). Here are the pictures of the cookie tray advent calendar I made. I got the idea from Pink Paislee’s blog.


All of the 25 pieces are magnetic and can be moved to reveal the numbers 1-25. It was a lot of work and cost a little more than I anticipated but I am was really happy with the results. I originally was going to give one away on my blog but the money I put into making 3 of these calendars I kind of decided not too. Sorry.

Check out more Hobby Hump Day or join in at 3inunder3.

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3 thoughts on “Hobby Hump Day – Our Advent Calendar

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Very cute projects!

  2. heather says:

    Your “new doors” look awesome! How fun!!

  3. ofebers says:

    OH my gosh, love it!

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