Thanksgiving Part Two

After the Gardens my mom took us out for brunch to the Adams Mark which is now the Hyatt but it will always be the Adams Mark to me. The food was good but not super great, especially for the price. We had a nice time though and the kids behaved so that’s always good.




After brunch we walked to Macy’s in order to view the Macy’s Christmas windows. They didn’t change them from last year which was a bit disappointing but I completely understand. They are extremely elaborate and follow the story of Virginia and Santa Claus. Last year we went downtown for the tree lighting but they changed it on this year and did it on Friday instead of the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. We were a little upset but I got over it. Here are pics of Macy’s, there aren’t a lot of the display because of the glare and shadows on the windows.

This picture says so much – if you look closely the sign reads “Santa is Real”. How cute is that.




They also have a large train display in their window that my mom remembers going downtown to view when she was little. I think it’s really cool that they started doing the windows again last year. It’s a tradition for us every year now to go at Thanksgiving.




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