Thanksgiving Part One

On Thursday morning we picked up my mom and grandma and went to the Botanical Gardens to see the Train display. The kids love going to see it every year. We actually end up going a couple of times every Christmas.

We really enjoyed the train display. Every year it’s beautiful and fun to watch. The garden changes the display every year and they always do a spectacular job. This year they added a railroad tie nazi. A woman who I am sure is a lovely person when she isn’t guarding the railroad ties at the garden would yell at all the children if they sat down on the railroad ties around the displays or if they simply fell over while toddling past and placed a hand on the railroad ties. I simply placed my children on the railroad ties to take their picture with the train display in the background, I do it every year, and she sprinted over (kid you not – she actually sprinted) and told me that they couldn’t sit there, my kids were already standing up from the picture. I told her they were done and not to worry I knew the rules and we wouldn’t break them again. She said that we can’t have them sitting there that’s why they placed the benches over on the sides. I gave her a look like really… are you serious. She actually scared L and upset her. We walked away from her but she stood behind us like she was watching us. There was this little guy, couldn’t have been more than one, just learned to walk you could tell. He toddled over near his dad and kind of fell over onto the railroad ties and just sat down. Her she came running over and looked at us, I backed away afraid of another talking too. She approached a man next to me and said “Does he belong to you?” the man said that yes that was his son and she says very sternly “Well he can’t sit there!” Really!!! Talk about *itch. She yelled at a toddler basically. Man she will find nothing but coal in her stocking this year. I bet you could look under Jobs in St. Louis that require you to be an A-hole and this one would be #1.

Despite the b**chy A-hole working there we had an awesome time and plan on going back soon. Here are some pictures of the day.

As you will see there were no plants harmed in the taking of these pictures.



I love this picture of my mom and L checking out all of the intricate details.


Some pictures of the train layouts.



They did have this really nice layout of a fireplace and two large chairs with a tree and stockings so we posed for more pictures. Unfortunately the one of the kids together turned out blurry (that drives me nuts). But there are good ones of my grandma and my mom with the kids and those matter more, so here they are:



So there you have it the first part of our Thanksgiving. There will be more parts because we have had a very busy holiday. If visiting the Gardens to view the wonderful trains beware of the railroad tie nazi lady.


One thought on “Thanksgiving Part One

  1. mommymae says:

    if they think i can keep my 2 year old off of the railroad ties, they are crazy!

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