I’m Thankful For:

  • My husband. How we are a team and do everything together. He’s my partner and best friend. I cannot wait to have some alone time on Saturday and an actual date night. Two in one month. I can’t believe it.
  • L. Your sweet little face and the way you want to be with me all the time and be exactly like me. Your sassy attitude, your love of everything girly and the way you love to still sit on my lap and cuddle.
  • J. I am thankful for the way you talk. I know you are going through speech therapy to correct your speech but I will miss the way you say certain things. I am thankful that you are independent but that you still enjoy being babied. I am also thankful for the time we get to spend together while L is in school.
  • My mom. I am thankful that she loves me enough to help me clean and organize my house, that she loves my kids enough to keep them overnight so JT and I can have a night to ourselves. I am thankful that she is a strong woman and has made it through an extremly difficult year. She is a great role model to me and my daughter.
  • My dad and his wife. I wish we saw them more often but they have busy lives. They are good with the kids and just today L told me that she loves Papa and Nana and boy is that Papa funny.
  • My brother. He is such a kid at heart and loves my kids as his own.
  • The roof over my head. Yeah it may be small and it may not be a house but I love that we rent and aren’t in trouble like some people in America. I love that each of my kids has their own room and yeah we don’t have a dining room but we have a toy room where JT, the kids and I have fun and play together.
  • My friends. Old and new. I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving.
  • My computer. Without my computer I would not have my blog. Without my computer I wouldn’t have the down time and relaxation that it takes to stand back up and take on the day again. A recharge/refueling if you will.

That’s not even the beginning of the things I am thankful for but it’s a start. Have a good Thanksgiving.


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