Would you go?

Blogher 09′ is in Chicago this year. I have to say last year I was extremely intrigued and wished I was there in all that bloggy goodness but it was expensive to go last year. It was in San Fran. But this year it’s in Chicago, a mere 6 hours (give or take). I still don’t know if I will go because of finances but at least I know it’s more of an option this year because of proximity. Would you go to Blogher?


2 thoughts on “Would you go?

  1. mommymae says:

    I plan on going this year. It’s close enough to drive this time.

  2. wherelifebecomesart says:

    Ryan B from highschool lives there now and has said on facebook they are up for overnight guests. You might be able to save that way.

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