J Lately

J is 3 years old, all boy, rambunctious, a bruiser and the most loving little guy. Full of hugs and kisses. Lately he’s been cracking me up. Here’s a couple of things I wanted to note for posterity.

  1. He is really into Scooby Doo lately. Yesterday in the middle of dropping L off at school and coming home he kept singing the Scooby Doo theme song. This is how HE signs it “Dooby Dooby Doo Doo. Dooby Dooby Doo Doo. Dooby Dooby Doo Doo. Dooby where are dou?”
  2. I purchased one of those reindeer that poops brown jelly beans, you would think I purchased the most expensive and fun gift out there on the market. J laughs till he can’t breathe every time he make the thing poop. Entertainment for less than $5. Gotta love that.
  3. The way he say Christmas is so stinkin adorable and I know it will only be a short time he says it this way. Instead of Christmas he says “Mittmas”.
  4. He went through a faze where he wouldn’t leave the house or go outside without his super cape.
  5. He says “Sanks Mom” when I give him a compliment. He actually will do this to my mom too.
  6. When we call him to dinner and he likes the dinner he will say, “This is my favorite dinner ever” and then thanks us for making it.
  7. When he gets his hair cut he is such a big boy now, no more screaming or fidgeting and he sits and carries on a conversation (which I translate) with Debi. For instance this week he got his haircut and Debi asked him if he was going to eat Turkey on Thanksgiving and he says “no I don’t eat turkey, it’s not my favorite”. Instead of just a simple no, he also told her all about Halloween and how much candy he got. He was totally flirting.
  8. We give him his milk in a sippy cup still because it’s guaranteed that he will spill whatever you give him. So if he is going to drink something not at a meal I will give him a sippy cup. The minute you give him that cup he loses it. When we clean his room or the toy room we find them all the time… gross.

One more thing that involves L so I didn’t include it in the list above. We received a new vaccuum as a gift and it arrived it this box that L took upon herself to decorate, she then instructed J how to properly color and cut the box. So this box is just completely covered in black scribbles and they use it as a boat, for oars they use their play broom and mop. It’s the funniest thing I have ever seen. I didn’t even have to direct them to play with it, they just did. L has such an imagination and J is always along for the ride.

Be on the lookout for an L list, I will hopefully put one together soon.

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