There’s something wrong with my iPod

Last night I realized that in my iPod catalog Hannah Montana shares space next to Gorillaz. Yeah the kids have been given dedicated space on my iPod because L is constantly listening to it. If I can’t find it L has it. If the batter is worn down it’s because L has drained the dang thing.

She is a little too young for her own iPod so until then I guess Lady GaGa and 3Oh!3 need to scoot over and make room for the Wiggles, Ralph’s World and good ole Miley (or is it Hannah, I’m not really sure).

Oh and there are a ton of other embarrassing things on my iPod that I am way to ashamed to admit that I listen to and I unfortunately can’t blame it on the kids.


2 thoughts on “There’s something wrong with my iPod

  1. I think I’d be tempted to buy her a cheapie mp3 player. LOL

  2. hotomom says:

    I totally wanted to for Christmas because they have a High School Musical one but my hubby nixed that.

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