Secret Mountain Children’s Books

We love books in this house. I am a proud book club member and JT enjoys a good book every once in a while, as long as it’s sports themed. My children will sit for hours and browse through their books. In fact I always have books for the seasons and change them out frequently (like books for Thanksgiving and books for Christmas, etc). With that said I was given the opportunity to review three books by the Secret Mountain publishing group. They are titled: Dream Songs Night Songs; A Duck in New York City and Down at the Sea Hotel. Each book is accompanied with a CD full of brilliant and fun songs.

We started reading A Duck in New York City first.


It was a very cute story. It’s about a little duck that can do a special ducky dance and he wants to fly to New York City and show it to everyone on Broadway. The book just tells of his adventures along the way. This was our favorite book of the three and the CD accompanying the book was full of really fun and catchy songs sung by Connie Kaldor. Our favorite song was the song “A Duck In New York City” but I also secretly loved “Laundry Bag”.

The second book was Down at the Sea Hotel.


Written in poetic form and would serve wonderfully as a lullaby book. Perfect for bedtime. Very easy to read and very cool illustrations. I really liked most if not all of the songs on the CD. They were all dreamy and soothing. They were all beautiful songs it was hard to pick a favorite but a big contender was “Barefoot Floors” written by Neil Young and sung by The Wailing Jennys. “Goodnight my Angel” was on the CD, written by Billy Joel of course and sung by Lucy Kaplansky (I love this song, it makes me feel all cozy). Like I said all of the songs were great and they were written by famous singers like Carole King, Marc Cohn and Don Henley. Who am I kidding? This will probably be my lullaby CD.

The last book we read was Dream Songs Night Songs, From Belgium to Brazil.


This isn’t really a book to sit down and read, instead it’s more of a guide for the CD. All of the songs on CD have a page dedicated to them with an illustration explaining the song and the title of the song. This book and CD didn’t hold my children’s interests as much as the other two but it was very cool just the same. I loved the lullabies from the different countries and it would be a great chance to sit and talk to your kids about the different countries and the songs. Some of the countries represented were: Italy, Germany, Algeria, Indonesia, Canada and Israel. 13 songs in all on the CD and all from a different country. The CD was very soothing and the illustrations were beautifully done. I just think it was a little over my own kids heads.

I really encourage you to check these books out. What a great Christmas gift these would be for the kids you barely know or ones with small babies (that’s when I started my kids on lullabies). You can currently purchase Dream Songs Night Songs and Down at the Sea Hotel on

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