A thorn in my side

Thursdays are really starting to annoy me. Thursdays are my running days. I had so much packed into today that I barely have time to relax. Then this evening is dance class (as long as I don’t forget again, poor L) and then the vaccuum salesman is coming at 6:00, my vaccuum is broken and I am getting a new one. I have several projects going on at once for Christmas presents, I have a list a mile long on stuff to get done. Then I forgot a bag at Target today so now I have to go back and pick that up before dance class. I swear.

Speech therapy is going well for J but it’s like a thorn in my side. We usually are running around in the am and have to grab lunch in the car and eat on the way to therapy and then I got there early today and she tells me to wait outside so she can finish her snack. Okay I really wish she had appointment times while L is in school, that would help me out. His therapy is like this large hour hole in my day. I hate Thursdays, I used to love them.

You know what would have been nice if I hadn’t cancelled our playdate because of a crazy schedule and I had been able to go and sit at my friends house while the kids played, sipping a coffee. That would have been a nice day. Sorry M!!! Remind me next time to not cancel, remind me of this day. Sigh.

Other bad things that happened today:

  • L lost a mitten
  • I haven’t eaten lunch yet
  • J only took an hour nap
  • It’s cold in my house
  • L’s fan quit working, so bedtime should be interesting

and I can’t think of anything I love for today’s Things I Love Thursday. I am going to give up now and come back later when my mood has changed.


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