Works for Me Wednesday – Dealership Blues???


I had to take my van in the other day for a tune-up plus our DVD player wasn’t working all the time so off to the dealer we went. It was on a day where I of course would have both children so I started thinking the night before on what I could take to entertain my children… sweets are always good (especially suckers) but I didn’t really want them running around like crazy, sugar high, children, of course I packed crayons and a coloring book but that only holds J’s attention for so long. There was also my iPod Touch but the battery was low from L listening to it all the time (she likes the music, music videos and movie shorts) so instead I was sitting next to the mail and it happened to contain 12 catalogs (I’m not exaggerating) and half of them were toy stores. So I packed ALL of them and some pens. The kids sat for a full hour and circled everything they thought was cool or that they wanted and were completely quiet, they even (gasp) shared!!! Luckily for me they have forgotten all about these catalogs because they have mysteriously disappeared, so Santa and mommy are off the hook but I thank you catalog companies for helping me out that day. I might use you again keep em coming.

Here are some pictures:




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P.S. We had to go back the other day for our new DVD player to be installed and I just happened to grab their super capes, because J wanted me too and (courtesy of babypop on etsy) they played for 20 minutes pretending they were super heroes (outside) while we waited for my mom to pick us up. J has a “super” love for his cape right now. You can look back at our leaf raking on Sunday for the proof 🙂



5 thoughts on “Works for Me Wednesday – Dealership Blues???

  1. Kate says:

    Those are great tips. Fortunately my husband usually runs these kinds of errands for me, but I do have to do them on occasion.

  2. Ryann says:

    Totally ingenious! Thanks for the great idea. Addy is only 18 months, but I’ll try to keep this one on hand for the day she starts to get bored hanging out with her mama!

  3. Kim says:

    This also keeps adults occupied as well. I hoard all my catalogs for times when I need to sit and wait for a while.

  4. Ria says:

    I think I’ve been in that dealer waiting room!!! 🙂 Or maybe all of them have those blue kiddie chairs. What a great idea. When I used to take my toddler, he wanted to jump around in all the new cars. All fine until we door-dinged one!

  5. shewhosees says:

    I like to circle things I want in catalogs, because after I do I find I don’t really want them anymore. It sort of takes care of my cravings for “stuff” without actually acquiring anything.

    Maybe something like that is happening to your kids. They acknowledge that the toys are appealing, and then can forget about them and focus on having fun right here and now!

    Love the photos!

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