A Lovely Day/Evening

Today we did some shopping with my mom, I am always game for shopping (my favorite sport). JT purchased some beautiful black boots for me for Christmas 😉 he’s going to wrap them all pretty and place them under the tree and then when I open them I will be really surprised. It was a chilly day so I had the kids all bundled up and L grabbed her sunglasses. She was too cute:


Tonight JT and J had a haircut appointment and since it was late afterwards we decided to head out for dinner. We ate at Bandana’s, a super good treat and then headed to Garden Ridge in search of our new Christmas tree. We had a prelit, white light Christmas tree and last year two whole strands on the tree didn’t work and we practically tore that tree apart replacing bulbs here and there and trying like hell to get the dang thing to work. It was very frustrating. So this year we’ll have none of that. We decided to just get a new tree and so off to Garden Ridge (where we bought our last tree) we picked out a really cool one this year. A 7 footer with colored LED lights. The kids of course want to put it up tonight but that won’t be happening. They have to wait until next weekend. They were really cute on the way to the car, they were so excited to be taking home a Christmas tree you would have thought we chopped it down ourselves (clearing throat – which is what I wanted to do this year but someone put their foot down). Here’s a picture:


Sorry I had to share, I think they are just plain adorable. All three of them.


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