Huh? What did you say??

My ears will not stop ringing and my voice is almost completely gone. That’s what happens when you sit THIRD ROW at THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK CONCERT!!!

I was 14 all over again. I went to their concert in 1990 when they were here playing at Busch Stadium. I went with my friends Sara and Juliette and we were in awe of that concert, until last night. This time I went with my cousin O and my aunt (her mom) and boy can they put on a show. I was acting like a kid again. I was screaming so loud my voice is completely gone and both of my ears are ringing. I wish they would quit, it kind of hurts. But, it was completely worth it.

We were so close to the stage that it felt like I could reach out and touch them. I of course didn’t take my camera because the tickets said that cameras weren’t allowed. They barely checked our purses and there were cameras everywhere. I was really ticked but I met a nice person next to us that took our picture and promised to e-mail me some of hers. Isn’t that sweet??? I thought so.

I’ll post pictures as soon as I can. Speaking of pictures I won’t be participating in Wordless Wednesday because my computer is gone and it’s just too complicated to put them on this old thing plus there’s not enough memory. I haven’t been in the mood to blog much because of my pc being in the shop but I am trying to at least once a day so I can participate in NABLOPOMO. Oh and to answer some questions… NO it was not facebook as we originally thought (good news) my hard drive was faulty from Dell so they are sending us a new one, on them. Yeah!!! So it wasn’t my fault. I should have my pc back by the end of the week, it may not have the hard drive installed but I will have both (my pc and the new hard drive) in my possession and just have to install it either ourselves or pay someone to do it for us.

I’m off to fix dinner… blech!!


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