I’m off

I am leaving today at 1:00 pm… leaving my family to fend for themselves… leaving my responsibilities behind for the weekend. I am off to scrapbook, visit a winery, watch some chick like movies and gorge myself on leftover Halloween candy. I am leaving behind a laptop that appears to be possessed (I am typing on my old laptop), I am really concerned about all of my pictures but I am going to try and breathe and not think about that, right now.

My friend keeps trying to creep me out, we are going to the country (no internet) and it will be pitch black and she says that it’s a lot of fun to go outside at night and walk around, um yeah we’ll see. She didn’t realize that I am such a scaredy cat, I will breathe through my nightmares of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween movies 🙂 just kidding… kind of.

Have a good weekend and hopefully I will be back on my pc on Sunday with two posts since I won’t be available tomorrow to post for NaBloPoMo.


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