It’s not procrastination… this time

I can be the world’s biggest procrastinator. I will just ignore something and hope it goes away like housework, but guess what it doesn’t.

I am leaving town tomorrow and I have been so sick this week that I have been crazy today trying to get everything done.

8:30 am – I dropped JT off at work

8:45 am – Took car to dealership for oil change, dvd player not working and tire rotation

10:08 am – Left dealership (that has to be some sort of record) and drove home

10:30 am – Arrived home and started putting my scrapbooking stuff together

11:15 am – Left to take J to speech therapy

11:35 am – Arrived at grocery store, grocery shopped for trip

12:10 pm – Went to Target purchased a few things

12:30 pm – Pick J up from speech therapy

12:45 pm – Arrived home for lunch (I hate fixing lunch)

1:15 pm – Finished lunch and kept packing scrapbooking stuff

2:00 pm – Started going through 2 years of pictures in order to find pictures to scrapbook

4:00 pm – Take break from pictures, forgot to give J a nap, get L ready for dance class

4:30 pm – Leave for dance class

4:45 pm – Arrive in front of dance class with my vanilla latte from Starbucks (my Thursday dance class treat)

5:00 pm – Dance class starts – I find a seat to watch

5:45 pm – Dance class ends – JT walked up to meet us from MetroLink

6:00 pm – Drop off movies at Blockbuster so I don’t have to purchase them

6:30 pm – Get food from Church’s Chicken (cooking tonight – yeah right)

6:45 pm – Arrive home to eat

7:15 pm – Baths, dressing children for bed, pack my clothes for trip, pack kids overnight bags for my mom and lay out outfits for kids for JT this weekend

8:00 pm – Sit down to watch the Office

8:30 pm – Put kids to bed

8:45 pm – Wonderful and lovely husband is baking brownies, I finish packing scrapbooking stuff and still have to go through pictures and still print all before midnight which is the time I hope to be in bed.


One thought on “It’s not procrastination… this time

  1. wherelifebecomesart says:

    Geez, I found myself having to take deep breath after that! I hope you got a good nights sleep, cause that was all bound to exhaust you! Have fun on your trip!!!!

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