Works for Me Wednesday – Toys Worth Our Money


Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer is so smart. Here she is coming up with a themed WFMW right before Christmas titled Toys Worth Buying. I had a few ideas but decided to go with the little boy side of my house for this one because I think it’s harder to buy for him than it is for the little girl in our house. But, pssst…. wanna know a secret? I am done with the Christmas shopping for my kids, plus a few other family members. Yeah it’s awesome.

The toys that my son could not live without and has been worth every stinkin penny I have spent on him up till now and for Christmas are the PLANET HEROES!!! He is obsessed with these guys, when he plays with them you can see his imagination working and I love that he is into something besides superheroes (he’s into those too). All of the toys come with this inserts or booklets and/or a DVD showing a short movie about the Planet Heroes and what they do, you can buy a second one on-line. J runs around with these books and inserts and talks to me about them ALL DAY, and which ones he wants Santa to bring him. I know more about Planet Heroes than I do about the latest celebrities.

By the time Christmas is over he will own almost every single one of them (except for Pluto – since he changed planet status he’s harder to find). In fact, his big present will be their Solar Quarters – pictured below. You can purchase these in ToysRUs, Target, Walmart and on-line at Fisher-Price. I think they are reasonably priced too, anywhere from $9 to $14 for the figures.


The figures are perfect for his age group (3 and up). He can move the legs and arms by himself, put their helmets on, put them in their cars and he plays with them for hours. Each figure is named for a planet and they have numbers on their suits as well so it teaches them about the solar system and where the planets are in rank. There is also one named Star, Moon and Sun the Commander. There are bad guys named asteroid, red giant, black hole and his two comet sidekicks. All of them have easier names that your kids can call them too for instance you really wouldn’t want your child running around the house constantly saying “Mom have you seen Uranus?”, “Uranus to space command.”, etc. So instead they call him Yuri. Venus is Dazzle, Earth is Ace and Mars is Digger, there are alot of these dudes so you get the idea.

So this is our favorite can’t live without toy for this year, now if I could just find Pluto for less than $40 we would be in good shape, especially since this is the one he begs for constantly. Maybe a grandparent will take pity on him?!

Check out more Toys Worth Your Money at Rocks In My Dryer.

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2 thoughts on “Works for Me Wednesday – Toys Worth Our Money

  1. I am going to have to remember this for when my little guy gets older. Coming from an all girl family, no brother, I have no idea about boy toys 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    Oh yes! My boys LOVE these! I hope you let us know if you find Pluto. Lisa~

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