So many things…

There are so many things boucing around in my head today I had to make a list in the car while waiting for L to get out of school. I felt like in that moment I was remembering everything that needed to be done, what I wanted to blog about and just other stuff. Ever have those moments?

While I was sick on the couch this weekend it seems that nature took hold of our tree in front and declared fall, finally. It’s an absolutely beautiful yellow and I don’t remember it being that way on Friday. Our bushes are turning yellow and the holly bushes have bright red berries. It’s a beautiful day today, albeit unseasonably warm (77). Have I told you lately just how much I love fall, sigh.


J and I visited Target today for some more Christmas shopping. J and L are almost done (2 more each) and I would say I am 1/2 done (yahoo!!). I found the perfect parking spot (right by the door and next to a cart return) it took some manuvering for me to enter the spot and thought it was all under control until I heard a scraping noise. I ran the back door down the side of the metal cart return (sweet). I was really upset. Our car isn’t even two years old and to just put a scratch in it like that was upsetting but I don’t hide things from my husband so I called him after telling my mom first of course. This only proves that I shouldn’t be driving today. I am still sick, medicated and exhausted. I am hoping it will rub off with some rubbing compound (fingers crossed).

Here’s a pic: (sorry honey – love you!)

I need to find out how to have my car seats checked, and soon. I know that you can take them to a fire station but I don’t want to just show up it feels so intrusive. I will have to make some phone calls today. We uninstalled a seat for L to use in my brother’s car and now we can’t get it tightened correctly. Just another hassle to add to my week.

We have a busy week but I think Thursday is going to be my tough day with taking the car in for an oil change at 9:00 and speech therapy at 11:30. It’s several days away and I am already stressing about it. Also we got L’s school schedule for the month and in between holidays and conferences, she only has 7 1/2 days of school this month. That’s crazy, but I really could care less, just as long as I know where I have to be that day when I wake up.

I still have to pack all of my scrapbooking stuff for my girls weekend. You should see my area, it’s a disaster, plus I still have to print pictures, pack a couple outfits, shop for food and collapse into a pile of sickness. God I hate being sick.

BIG REMINDER – Today is the last day to sign up for the Build A Bear Giveaway. Click here if you are interested in signing up. I will do the drawing tomorrow afternoon. Good luck!!


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