Halloween Hoopla

L had several chances to dress up in her costume or should I say costumes… On Tuesday day we went and had the kids pictures taken, L was Tinker Bell and J was a pirate, these costumes weren’t what they had chosen for Halloween but I went with it. Tuesday night we went to Boo at the Zoo and she dressed as Jasmine (you can’t tell in this picture) and J was Spiderman, neither were the intended costumes for Halloween.

On Thursday L went to dance class and she could wear a costume, she chose Sleeping Beauty (not her Halloween costume either)

On Friday I went with her to school and helped with her Pumpkin Party. She wanted to be Belle, who was I at this point to say no. So Belle she was

Finally we arrive at Halloween evening. J wore his intended costume that night but L did not wear her original costume, Cinderella, in fact she never wore Cinderella. No for Halloween she was Tinker Bell again and I think it was perfect (some pictures are blurry). She was so great. She would say trick or treat, then say Happy Halloween and thank you to every single house.


Here is J as Mr. Incredible. I loved this costume on him. He got a ton of compliments and he was so adorable saying twit or tweet to everyone and then copying his sister by trying to say Happy Halloween and Thank You. I was very proud that they both remembered their manners.


Here are my favorite pictures from that night.

They had so much candy, they couldn’t hold their bags anymore.

J got into the candy early… can you tell?!

Anyway that was our Halloween, finally documented. But today I was listening to Y98 and they were saying that there was actually a woman in STL that would ask all of the Trick or Treaters that came to her house who her parents were voting for, if they said Obama she wouldn’t give them candy. Why drag our kids into the political debate. How rude!!!


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