The Magical World of Bella Sara

We received two packages of Bella Sara trading cards in the mail, I had never seen them before. L was very interested (as usual) in what I had received. When she saw the beautiful horses on the cards she was even more excited. We sat down and went through all of the cards first and we talked about their names, the pictures and their positive, inspirational messages to everyone, for instance the unicorn Delight says “Being kind to someone makes both of you feel good”. All of the cards have messages like this. I explained to her that we could get on-line and play with the horses. She couldn’t wait to get started.

The website is, when you arrive at the site you join the website and parents you don’t have to worry about safety on this website. There are no chat rooms and children 12 and under need your permission first (through an e-mail). When you register you immediately receive a free horse but if you purchase the card packets ($2.75) there are on-line codes on each card, when you enter the code you immediately “adopt” the horse. The cards we received are their new launch of Baby Bella foals, so on our cards there were also names of the foals parents. Once we entered all of our codes L was able to brush their coats, clean their hooves and stalls, feed them and give them water. She has tons of fun playing with them each day and always asks to check on them. Perfect website in my opinion.

You can also explore the magical world of North of North, play games in the arena or at the castle or purchase fun things at the bazaar with the horseshoes that you earn playing games or activating your baby or adult horses.

There is going to be a special on-line celebration starting November 6th. For 10 days kids will be able to qualify for daily prizes, print off babies’ birth certificates, read stories and get access to special codes. Be sure to check the website ( out then because there will a lot more than just that going on. You can also enter to win a Bella Sara birthday party. What little girl who is in love with Bella Sara or horses in general wouldn’t love a birthday party like that.

This was a lot of fun, something that L and I can do together and it has kept her interest for quite a while now. It’s not something that is purchased and pushed aside, which today is always a good find.


3 thoughts on “The Magical World of Bella Sara

  1. bigbinder says:

    I totally thought this was going to be about wine, until I realized I had a spelling error in my head. Possibly too much wine?

  2. hotomom says:

    That would have been a really awesome title for a rough day and you go home to some wine… I will keep that in mind.

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