The Day Has Arrived

Ahhhh, the day has finally arrived. My kids can finally relax and know that their candy awaits them this evening. They can quit waking up in the morning and asking “Is it Halloween Mommy”. Thank goodness it’s arrived, it was almost anticipated as much as Christmas. Lord help me when Christmas is around the corner. Back to Halloween – I found two pails in the Target $1 section, one’s a ghost and the other is a pumpkin, I hung them on their doorknobs with a few special goodies in there. Just a nice little surprise for each of them.

This is my last Halloween post and then I can rest move on post about something else.

Ever wonder what other countries do to celebrate Halloween? I was thinking about this actually because my friend Erika moved to Durham England. She mentioned that they don’t do the whole pumpkin thing so I was curious how they do celebrate without bugging her… (if you have different info please feel free to let us know).

In alphabetical order and also thanks to for the info, I decided to just link you to the information because there is a lot of it. This way you can click on the country you are most interested in.

Halloween in Australia

Halloween in Austria

Halloween in Belgium

Halloween in Great Britain

Halloween in Canada

Halloween in Ireland-Celtics

Halloween in China

Halloween in Czechosolovakia

Halloween in Estonia

Halloween in France

Halloween in Germany

Halloween in Guatemala

Halloween in Holland

Halloween in Hong Kong

Halloween in Italy

Halloween in Japan

Halloween in Mexico

Halloween in New Zealand

Halloween in Nigeria

Halloween in Philippines

Halloween in Poland

Halloween in Portugal

Halloween in Rome

Halloween in Russia

Halloween in Scotland

Halloween in Sicily

Halloween in Spain

Halloween in Vietnam

Halloween in Wales

Happy Halloween and Be Safe Tonight!!!

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