What a day!!!

I have had the WORST DAY with a few rays of sunshine because it is all about finding what there is to smile about, right?! I will start with good news.

GOOD: My best friend in grade school and high school just started a blog titled Where Life Becomes Art and I am so excited. Check her out and encourage her that this great big bloggy world isn’t so scary or even maybe we could just give her our best blogging advice. Anyway welcome to the bloggy world!

GOOD: J started speech therapy today and he didn’t cry when I dropped him off at his class. Yeah!!

BAD: I parked on the street in front of the school in order to take him inside (public parking) and the people that live in the house where I parked came out and glared at me. I thought okay whatever. So I continue to get J and L out of their carseats and the lady screams at me and says “Can you move your car (she was parked behind me) I can’t get my groceries out because of the tree in the way” she was all huffy and bitchy. I told her she was going to have to wait until I came back from taking my son to school and I’d be right back. She says “Yeah right you’ll be back”. I walked away. Took J into school and came back out after like 10 minutes. The husband sat on his front steps and glared at me with his arms crossed and shaking his head. Seriously. Like I did something wrong. As I got L into her carseat and got my cell phone out of my back pocket the husband went and stood behind my car waiting for me to move. I unrolled my window and said “Your welcome”, he screamed something at me and the wife flipped me off. Can you believe it? I was shaking I was so mad.. plus I had to go back to pick J up. Nothing happened at pick up but still I was ready for them.

BAD: I drove all over STL looking for the stuff to make a Christmas project I found on Pink Paislee’s blog today and it about drove me insane. I think if I ever find everything I need I will put what stores you can find the objects (like silver magnets) I was so crabby and $70 later I still don’t have everything I need. Doesn’t that drive you mad?!

Unfortunately we aren’t done for the day. We have to still attend dance class in our costume. My plan until then…. sit on my tush and not move.


2 thoughts on “What a day!!!

  1. wherelifebecomesart says:

    Awww..thanks for mentioning me!
    I’m sorry you ran into such negative people today. I always used to want revenge of some sort on people like that, or would let them consume my thoughts. Now I just take comfort in knowing that the best revenge is they have to live in their miserable negative lives. Horrible I know. I should be more christian like and pray for their hardships or whatever. I can’t help it though, I guess I’m a little evil >:-)
    Good luck finding all those craft pieces…I checked out her blog and those calendars are VERY cool. That will be something you will have forever and be able to pass down to J or L. It’ll all be worth the trouble in the end. 🙂

  2. Mary Jo says:

    Sorry about rude people! That happened to me once at Evan’s school in the parking circle. He was in kindergarten for crying out loud and the only thing I did was wait a few extra seconds to make sure he went inside the gate! I had two parents yelling at me. Reminded me of that movie Mr. Mom where the parents are yelling at him for driving the wrong way :0)

    Anyway, I hope your day goes better today! And Happy Halloween!!

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