Things I Love Thursday – FACEBOOK!!

I love Facebook. I am almost on facebook as much as I am on my favorite blogs. I have been able to reconnect with some of my favorite people from high school, my cousin who lives in Colorado and some of my new bloggy friends.

You can throw John McCain or Barack Obama (whomever you favor) at your friends in Super Poke; You can have a picture “sketched” to make it look like a pencil drawing in Sketch Me; You can now keep track of your favorite blogs on Blog Networks; You can play games like Bowling Buddies or Bubblewords; You can send your friends alchoholic drinks in Booze Mail; You can take numerous quizzes; Send your friends a fraggle in 80s Toys; Grow a garden by sending your friends plants in (Lil) Green Patch or last but not least you can keep track of all of your friends birthdays in the Birthday Calendar. Wow!!! I know there is so much more on that website that I haven’t discovered but you can’t beat it. I prefer Facebook to MySpace anyday.

For more TILT visit Diaper Diaries.

Don’t forget to enter to win the $25 gift certificate visit this post, drawing is next Tuesday.

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One thought on “Things I Love Thursday – FACEBOOK!!

  1. Oh I am a full fledged Facebook addict. Add me to your blog network and I will return the favor 🙂

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