J Reading Skeleton Hiccups

Remember my Halloween post here where I bragged about J reading Skeleton Hiccups and how it makes me go “ahhhh” and swoon a little cause he’s just so darn cute.

It’s not the best that he’s done but I still felt the need to post it:

Hic Hic Hic

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2 thoughts on “J Reading Skeleton Hiccups

  1. Mutha Mae says:

    We have that book, too and it makes me crazy to read it. And slightly dizzy, too. Sorry about the frantic email about FB. It’s being looked at by some higher ups and I just want everything to look nice and perfect, even tho I am not. Does that make sense?

  2. mommymae says:

    we love this book, too. our little guy is hilarious with the hics. too funny.

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