A Busy Weekend

I know I have used that title but do you ever find it difficult to come up with unusual attention getting titles? Just wondering if it’s just me.

Anyway this weekend is BUSY. Today at 4:00 we are attending a little guy’s birthday party the big 2! That should be fun. My kids will love running around and playing with some of their cousins. Then we were supposed to drive out to my dad’s friends house for a Halloween bonfire but we just found out that my dad’s wife had a terrible accident this week. She was riding a newer horse and was bucked off. They said she flew into the air and landed on her back. She has 3 broken ribs and spinal fracture and a bruised lung. Lordy!! She’s in a ton of pain and on morphine, which is making her sick. It’s just bad. So we won’t be going out there. She’s on bed rest and she definitely does not need two toddlers roaming around her house making a lot of noise (amazing how plans can change at the snap of your fingers). We are just going to come home and relax after the party and possibly clean our house since that’s not getting done right now.

Tomorrow L and I are headed to The Galleria (one of our local malls) for a Build-A-Bear Mom Blogger Mixer. L and I are really excited. We are going to build a High School Musical Bear and then (I’m very excited about this) I will have my VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!! Stay tuned tomorrow. After the Build-A-Bear event we are heading the the Botanical Gardens for Ghouls in the Garden – the kids can walk around in their costumes and trick or treat. Should be fun. Both events are practically at the same time. They intertwine by an hour so we will be rushing to get to both places. That part won’t be fun. But I am going to try to stay in the moment instead of worrying about making everything in time.

So that’s our weekend as of right now at 11:45 am. Who knows how our weekend will really turn out. But I foresee some heavy picture blogs coming up.

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One thought on “A Busy Weekend

  1. bigbinder says:

    What the heck is a Blogger Mixer??

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