My Families Winery Trip

Yesterday for my mom’s birthday JT, my brother, my brother’s girlfriend, my mom, the kids and I all took the days off and headed to the wineries. Our favorite winery to be exact, Mount Pleasant in Augusta. It started out being a cloudy and rainy day but the further towards our destination we traveled the rain subsided. Once we arrivedin Augusta the sun was making an appearance. It was still a little cold and muddy but we did alright. We wiped the tables and chairs down and put our tablecloth down and laid out our feast of cheese, bread, crackers, sausage, olive oil, parmesan cheese, pickled vegetables and prosciutto. Yum! We ordered our wine and just sat back. We were the only ones there pretty much and the kids could just run and play, which they did, with leaves,sticks in the mud and a yellow lab they named Bob. We were there for several hours just enjoying each other’s company and some music from our iPod boombox we took along. What a wonderful way to spend the day. Here are pictures:

L was such a trooper, she tried everything on that table and was so interested in what there was to eat, even though I had taken PB&J for her to eat. J only ate chips and PB&J but he was also such a good boy.


JT enjoying his day off, we used to do this a couple times a year but not since L was born

The birthday girl

Na and his girlfriend – aren’t they cute together.

L enjoyed hunting for ladybugs (there were a lot – we brought two home in the car with us), J danced with his GeGe and we cuddled when the wind would blow and it would get cold.


JT played with the kids on the hill behind the wineries. It was pretty funny. They were running down the hill and JT almost bit it. He was running a little too fast.

Here we all are as we are getting ready to leave. A nice looking family if I do say so myself.

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