9 Days Til Halloween – For a “real” scare

The state of Missouri has several places that claim to be truly haunted. Here are some of the places and their stories.

Arnold, Wehrenberg Arnold 14 Cine – They claim since the place was built there are several scary things reported like bone chilling wind gusts, people feel something or someone touching them, workers have seen shadows and reflections of bloody and disfigured people in the mirrors in the bathrooms.

Clayton, Shady Oak Theatre – Apparently a man killed himself on the grounds before the theatre was built. Speakers have flown off the wall, film has been seen unraveling while sitting on a shelf, workers report a weird, uneasy feeling of someone watching them from behind the curtains, balcony lights dim and slowly turn back up, posters are found off their hooks and turned around when opened in the morning, cold spots are felt, someone says tisk tisk tisk, sneers and there’s faint moaning.

Creve Coeur, Creve Coeur Park – In the late 1800s an Indian chiefs daughter married a strong warrior. The warrior and daughter were madly in love. The warrior went off on a hunting party and when the others returned the warrior did not. She was so heartbroken that she went up to the top of the cliff at the entrance to the park and jumped off into the water bellow. Now the water falling off the cliff is only in little drops, similar to tears. At night you can hear a woman cry, on the night of a full moon you can look up at the cliffs and see a woman looking down crying, she often jumps off frightening onlookers who think it’s a real person. Three men who were hiking one night claimed that they saw a woman walking in front of them crying, one of the men who was of Indian descent approached her and she turned and hugged the man. When she started talking to him he didn’t understand her so he just nodded, she was upset and ran away, they followed her up to the top of the cliff where she jumped off and disappeared into mid-air.

Desoto, Old St. Louis Road – There is a road near highway 67 and Old Charter Church Road called Old St. Louis Road. In the 1800s that was used to get from St. Louis to Farmington. In between 1800 and 1954 thousands of people died and now they supposedly all haunt this road. There is a gravel road that leads to the woods off of Old Charter Church Road. When you get to the gravel road the instructions are: travel at a speed of 15 to 20 miles per hour for about 2 to 3 minutes and then stop the car. Turn everything off and sit in complete silence (really?!) with your windows half down (seriously?!), all the way down if you are really brave (not so much). Many things will start to happen like sounds of people talking in the woods and people walking around. The most common occurence is the sound of a girl screaming very faintly and it gets louder and louder and then stops. Let another few seconds go by and a bloody man will come out of the woods and start a conversation with you. If that’s not enough when you leave you will see a flipped car in the road with a man standing nearby that will ask you for help in flipping his car back over. Either before or after that you will feel hands and fingers start touching your legs and body. At that point you will be peeling out of the gravel road as fast as you can. – After me reading this to JT he now wants to go and see if it’s real. He’s on his own.

St. Louis, Lemp Mansion – One of the most haunted buildings in the city and it happens to be where we had our rehearsal dinner. Cold spots, electrical anomalies, feelings of being wtached, a piano that plays a note in the middle of the night, vibrations from the floor, tapping on the shoulders, feelings of sadness and of course photographic anomalies. Best part you can spend the night there. It’s a Bed and Breakfast. During our rehearsal dinner none of the girls would go to the bathroom by themselves so my cousin Em and I went together, while in there we felt like someone was watching us and we were so freaked out we were kind of screaming and laughing as we ran out of the bathroom. True story.

Wow there are so many places that are haunted in Missouri it will blow your mind. Check out http://theshadowlands.net/places/missouri.htm, it’s a really cool website that lists all of the haunted places by city. Thanks to them I now have a list of places to not visit. I haven’t even gotten to Illinois, if you want to check out Illinois hot spots here’s the link: http://www.theshadowlands.net/places/illinois.htm.

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One thought on “9 Days Til Halloween – For a “real” scare

  1. ofebers says:

    I made my 8 year old sister stand guard while I peed with the door open!

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