I “heart” I-Tunes

I love I-Tunes. I can spend hours on I-Tunes just looking around, one of my favorite spots you can always find me perusing is Celebrity Playlists. Those are fun… tonight I was on I-Tunes for 2 hours. Yikes. $8.00 later I have a bunch of new songs and a couple music videos. My favorite new downloads are Hot N Cold by Katy Perry (I love her music, I think she rocks) but also I downloaded two songs by 3OH!3, Don’t Trust Me and Colorado Sunrise. Awesome band they are hilariously awesome. If you were to see my iPod you would laugh. I have country, high school musical, a poop load of applications, rock, punk, folk and r&b. No rap though, I’m not a fan. Wanna hear something ironic, I have tickets to the New Kids on the Block concert on November 10th and I just saw and heard one of their new singles titled “Single” and it totally made my stomach lurch. What am I doing? Their new stuff sucks. I pray to god that they are playing ALOT of their old stuff. It was pretty bad. Saving grace, Natasha Bedingfield is opening for them. Yeah I love her, I can tire of her quickly though so I am saving all of her music for closer to the concert date.

Anyway I added a new widget to my sidebar on the left because I am on I-Tunes pretty regularly and just wanted to share what I am into currently. Like you care…. well I hope you do. It’s 11:23 pm and I need to go to bed, we have a field trip to the pumpkin patch in the morning. Pray for no rain.


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