11 Days Til Halloween – A Family Fun Halloween

Family Fun Magazine’s website is always one of my favorite go to’s for activities for the kids. To add to their excitement I usually find a fun Halloween craft for us to do on Tuesdays and Thursdays (the days they aren’t in school). Family Fun has a countdown calendar with a project or coloring sheet for everyday. Perfect. It takes the guesswork and alot of time spent searching for just the right thing.

Another great part of their website are their handmade costumes. Here are my favorites, I love original and different: Sushi, Bubble Bather, Lego and Ham and Cheese Please. Also for those kiddos who need a last minute costume: Road Trip and Smartie Pants.

We did this fun craft last year and it turned out really well, it sure was a lot of work. Here’s a picture:

This year it would be so much fun to make this skeleton for our house. Or these scary monsters are cool too. What we really need though is a countdown calendar to Halloween, the kids are driving me crazy about when Halloween is coming. So I have printed this one out and intend to hang it ASAP.

The last thing that I can’t rave about enough on their website… the cupcakes. We made these 2 years ago. Here’s the picture:

This year we are going to pick out a cupcake for my brother’s birthday and have them at his party. It’s his choice but I think that these are pretty dang cute, the Daddy Long Leg Cupcakes. Well that’s about it, check the website out for yourself, you never know what you will find.

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2 thoughts on “11 Days Til Halloween – A Family Fun Halloween

  1. Thank you! I am checking out the site now.

  2. Marie Rausch says:

    You guys are so cute… I thought I was the only cheeseball who did stuff like that with my kids…I guess we are pretty lucky.

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