Happy Birthday to NA!!

My little brother turns 30 today. Here’s a look back at my brother through the years plus 30 things about Na I betcha didn’t know.

  1. He was born on October 16, 1978
  2. His left ear was damaged when he was born (forceps)
  3. My family shares a house with my brother
  4. He is an animal lover, just ask his dog Marley
  5. He is hysterical, ask him to do his Ross Perot impersonation
  6. He’s a party-er
  7. He’s a world traveler
  8. He’s 6’5 1/2
  9. He’s been to space camp
  10. He’s awesome with kids
  11. He adores my children and my children adore him – Unca Na
  12. He was always the first visitor to the hospital when my kids were born
  13. He’s a godfather to L and J
  14. The louder his music, the more he enjoys it
  15. He’s athletic
  16. He’s loyal to his family and friends
  17. He’s artistic
  18. He has a large tattoo on his back and two small ones on his chest
  19. He dislikes sweets
  20. He doesn’t care what people think about him
  21. He likes to play video games
  22. His favorite artist is Bob Marley
  23. He and my cousin Emily have a special bond
  24. He’s allergic to candy canes – they sent him to the hospital because he can’t digest them (I think that’s right)
  25. He is a really heavy sleeper
  26. He’s a major kid at heart
  27. He likes to fish
  28. He always has to drive, even if it’s not his car and he rarely leaves his car at home
  29. He likes to wear hats, he usually always has one on
  30. He and I are better friends today than I ever thought we would be

NA through the years





L and NA (there are so many cute ones so here’s just a couple)


J and NA (once again, way too many cute ones to choose from, here’s a couple)

BTW – everyone thinks these two look like each other.



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